Welcome to Run On Trails.

We have one simple mission. To bring you great, tough but fun events that suit runners of all levels, whether you run ultras every month or are just wanting to try your hand at something different.

We offer big cutoffs and a very supportive team to help everyone finish our runs.

I think it is important to make you feel you have achieved something great whether you are first or last.

Our team is made up of runners, crossfitters. serving and ex military and they know their stuff. Most of them have been with me since day 1 and as I do, love to see people achieve their goals.

Meet the Team.

Carol and SJ manage the race village. Generally what they say goes.
Rachel(Pixie) An awesome runner in her own right. You will find her on check points or back marking.
Jason is my right hand man. He covers all safety aspects of race day and can be found in the safety vehicle on course.
Paul is our half marathon back marker.
Simon is always there on the checkpoints. Normally with music.
We work closely with the local teams to ensure safe events on the military training areas.
Race Director. Chief tea maker